Year 10 Enterprise Studies

Course Description

The course is open to all creative and ambitious students.  It encourages the innovative and entrepreneurial aspects inherent to young New Zealanders to be developed and applied regularly throughout the year, this exciting programme also offers students the opportunity to gain further knowledge and understanding of enterprise at global, national and local levels. This course develops the essential skills of financial literacy and applying financial knowledge in practical situations (saving, spending & budgeting).

The excitement of Market Day will provide Enterprise Studies students with one of their favourite memories of their High School life.  The students will go through an intensive 6-8 week programme (depending on class size) to develop, plan, prepare, market and produce their own ‘business’ for a day.   They will also learn how to make informed decisions based on financial and non-financial information.  A must-do for all creative Kiwi young adults, this programme proudly utilises many of the Young Enterprise Trust resources to “Inspire, educate and transform students through enterprise experiences” www.youngenterprise.org.nz



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