Year 10 French Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. McDonald

This course follows on from Year 9 French, where students have progressed through Level 1 and 2 of French in the New Zealand Curriculum. It is highly recommended that students choose this course as a full-year option to put themselves in the best position for the NCEA assessments in the following years.

In Year 10 French students progress to Levels 3 and 4 of French in the New Zealand Curriculum, learning to describe aspects of their own background and their immediate environment such as their families and friends, routines, hobbies, activities, homes, their home town and their school.

While the course concentrates on communication in the target language, students also learn about socio-cultural elements of the countries where the languages are spoken such as food, traditions, humour as well as life, culture and sights of some of the big cities.

A wide variety of resources is used: DVD, film, letters, dialogues, web pages, PowerPoints, photos, memes, brochures, maps, posters, timetables, songs and magazines. The students are encouraged to use internet programs like Duolingo and Education Perfect to practise their language skills.

The four language skill taught are: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.


Studying a language opens up a number of career pathways, such as teacher, interpreter, linguist and tertiary lecturer. It is also an important additional qualification for a number of professions in Health, Science, Tourism, Hospitality, Politics and Social Work.


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