Year 10 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms P. Hosken

Music is an academic and practical subject and is divided into Solo Performance and Group Performance, Composition, Music Knowledge, Aural and Score Reading/Theory and builds on the skills learnt from Year 9.  Students may have the opportunity to work at NCEA Level One in Year 10 Music.  This will need to be discussed with the HOD at the beginning of the year.  Students particularly interested in Music and wanting to do NCEA Level One Music should strongly consider this course.

 Course work will support and extend students understanding, leading through to NCEA Level One Music and beyond.  Assessments and projects have been set so that students can achieve their best in all areas of this course.  Students will learn the elements, conventions and subject specific skills that will enable them to gain confidence, personal and social skills, self-expression and understanding, and develop practical and academic knowledge and ideas.

 All students must be learning a musical instrument and must attend lessons, either through school or with outside providers. Extension opportunities will be provided through individual programmes.

Involvement in the co-curricular programmes and events (orchestra, choir, festivals, and rockquest) are an expectation.

Course Overview

Term 1
Term 1 is focused on building your composition, theory and musical knowledge.
One lesson each week is dedicated to growing your knowledge and skills specific to music. One period is dedicated to your solo and group performance. The remaining time is spent on unit work and academic material. This will include individualied programmes, project based learning and activties, artist studies and inquiry projects.



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