Year 10 Art

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Lammers

Open to all students interested in creative thinking, Year 4 Art builds the foundation for all levels of NCEA Art, Levels Two and Three Photography and careers in the creative industries.  It extends students thinking, problem solving, media handling and perceptual skills.

 Students will develop their abilities in drawing, painting, mixed media work and printmaking with a focus on building an independent learning style.   In Term Two students start the Level One NCEA Art Course completing 1 Achievement Standard: controlling mixed media to create a cloak (4 credits). This will give them a good understanding of what is needed for NCEA

Building skills in Year 10 Visual Literacy gives students an advantage at NCEA Level One.  The 10 credits gained in Year 10 become part of their Level One total. 

Learning Areas:

Visual Arts

Assessment Policy & Procedures

Level 1 Art, Level 2 Art, Level 2 Photography