Level 1 Art

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Lammers

Students who gained 4 credits in Year 10 art have the potential to gain a total of 20  Level 1 credits. Working from the local environment, and researching artists students’ will acquire skills in observational drawing, print-making and painting.  The aim is to develop their independent learning skills. Exploring color, composition and tone through a range of media will encourage students understanding of the way in which artists use pictorial conventions. 

A study of visual imagery enables students to decode the fast moving visual world which surrounds them, appreciate the influence of social context on Artists; and develop the technical, creative and problem-solving skills required to produce art work in a range of media.

Course Overview

Term 1
NCEA LEVEL 1 VISUAL ART 2017 A/S 90914 ver’1 4 CR’ LEVEL 6


Learning Areas:

Visual Arts

Assessment Policy & Procedures

Level 2 Art, Level 2 Photography, Level 3 Art, Level 3 Art History, Level 3 Photography

Career Pathways

Advertising Specialist, Copywriter, Sales and Marketing Manager, Communications Professional, Graphic Pre-press Worker, Market Research Analyst, Photographer, Marketing Specialist