Level 1 History

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Benham

Recommended Prior Learning

A wide general knowledge is always a good starting point for studying History. This allows students to place their learning in a wider context and a gives them a greater appreciation of events time and place.

This course looks at how people across three different settings have reacted to issues that have threatened their own or others rights and freedoms. In the first instance we examine how African-American people fought for their civil rights in the USA in the 1950. In a topic titled Supernova in the East we look at how the USA and its allies attempted to stop Japanese aggression in the build up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the consequences for all involved of failure. Finally, we look at how New Zealanders confronted the growth of nuclear arms in the aftermath of World War 2 and ultimately became a nuclear free nation. History develops important skills. These include the ability to interpret and analyse information, draw conclusions and communicate findings in reports.

Course Overview

Term 1
An in-depth look at the Black Civil Rights campaign in the United States, starting with slavery and finishing with a look at race relations in the present day. A focus on Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and various different events in the period. Was the campaign successful? Did they obtain equality? Have race relations improved since then? How did it have significance to New Zealander’s?

Term 2
An in-depth look into Japan’s bid for Empire. This topic examines what circumstances led to Japan launching an attack on Pearl Harbor and the wider region of South East Asia. It also examines the immediate and long-term consequences of this for all those involved with a particular focus on New Zealand.

Term 3
An in-depth look into New Zealand’s bid for Nuclear freedom. We look at nuclear testing in the Pacific, the protests that were staged and what were the short-term and long-term repercussions. There is a the case study of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior and its consequences for foreign relations between New Zealand and our allies. Finally, how has New Zealand’s nuclear free policy influenced our politics and economics in the short and long-term.

Term 4
Revision for the external examinations.

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Policy & Procedures

Level 2 History

History develops the essential skills for a wide range of tertiary study courses. A wider range of jobs opens up with a History qualification. Law, tourism archivist, sociologist, policy advisor, public servant political studies, archaeologist finance, social work etc.

Career Pathways

Navy Officer, Policy Analyst, Secondary School Teacher, Intelligence Officer, Case Manager, Managing Director/Chief Executive, Elected Government Representative, Emergency Management Officer, Technical Writer, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Foreign Policy Officer, Air Force Officer, Environmental/Public Health Officer, Army Officer, Historian, Barrister


Students require a 2B5 hardcover book and a 40 leaf clear file.

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