Level 2 Te Reo Māori

Course Description

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The course focuses on communication in Te Reo Māori using appropriate language in less familiar contexts, through the four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Students study at Level 7 of the New Zealand Curriculum and achieve personal independence with the language.

The emphasis is on communication: about future plans, giving and responding to advice, warnings and suggestions, expressing and responding to approval and disapproval, agreement and disagreement, giving and responding to information and opinions, reading about and recount actual or imagined events in the past. The contexts for this communication can include Te Ao Hurihuri, Ngā Mahi-a-Ringa, Moteatea, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Ngā Whakapono and Ngā Kōrero o Nehera. The cultural content of the course applies mainly to these areas, focusing on both traditional and contemporary aspects.  A commitment to supporting Bayfield High School Māori activities is strongly recommended. 

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