Level 3 Accounting

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Level 1&2 Accounting

This course aims to promote knowledge and understanding of accounting as a financial language for partnerships and companies which may be service, trading or manufacturing businesses; and apply financial knowledge and skills to practical situations.

To achieve these aims students will, within the contexts of partnerships and companies, examine, understand and apply the assumptions on which accounting is based; process financial data into meaningful information; prepare financial reports which meet user needs and professional and legal requirements; analyse and interpret financial reports; demonstrate understanding of a job cost subsystem; understand management accounting to make a decision.  The course provides thorough preparation for further tertiary study.

Course Overview

Term 1
A study of accounting for partnerships. How to account for job cost subsystems.

Term 2
How to Interpret an annual report for a New Zealand reporting entity.

Term 3
How to understand company financial statements. Accounting for management systems.

Term 4

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Policy & Procedures

ESA workbook highly recommended ($30 approx)
Ring binder and refill.


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