Level 3 Economics

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Recommended Prior Learning

Level 1 or 2 Economics

This course examines topics of obvious importance to human well-being. This will be applicable to areas such as education, health, business and the environment. This course will cover most concepts required for a first year commerce degree in any commerce related field including finance, management, marketing, or economics. The focus is on markets, allocative efficiency and equilibrium.

Course Overview

Term 1
Level 2 Recap followed by a study of marginal utility, elasticity and elasticity of supply.

Term 2
A study of markets and externalities.

Term 3
A study of macro-economic concepts.

Term 4

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Policy & Procedures
Career Pathways

Policy Analyst, Tertiary Lecturer, Secondary School Teacher, Actuary, Economist, Statistician


Workbook highly recommend ($25)


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