Level 3 Mathematics with Statistics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr F. Thomas

Recommended Prior Learning

Students should understand that this course is not a traditional Mathematics course. Statistics is a literacy heavy course and students will need to be comfortable writing extended reports and conducting independent research in English equivalent to NCEA Level 3. Students will be expected to complete writing and conduct research in their own time.

Whilst there is no requirement for students to have studied Statistics at Level 2, students should be familiar with basic algebraic concepts and it is recommended that students would have at least passed the MCAT at Level 1. 

This course offers an introduction to a range of statistical concepts, which are excellent preparation for any students intending further study or careers that will involve research and/or analysis and interpretation of data.

Topics covered may include Bivariate Data Investigation, Formal Inference, Time Series, Probability Concepts and Probability Distributions.

Course Overview

Term 1
AS 91581 Bivariate Data - internal assessment 4 credits

AS 91580 Time Series - internal assessment 4 credits (continued in Term 2)

Term 2
Continue AS 91580

AS 91585 Probability Concepts - external assessment - 4 credits

Term 3
AS 91586 Probability Distributions - external assessment - 4 credits
Students considering Scholarship will be encouraged to attend externally provided tutoring at this stage, usually 2 hours for one evening a week

Term 4
AS 91582 Formal Inference - internal assessment - 4 credits
Scholarship students may wish to study for AS 91584 Statistically based reports as an alternative.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

It is expected that students will have their own pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, two 1E5 or 1E8, and a graphics calculator. It is strongly recommended that they purchase the Walker maths workbooks for Inference, Time Series, Bivariate Statistics, Probability Concepts and Probability Distributions. It is also highly recommended that students purchase the D and D booklets for revision in term 4 in preparation for sitting the final NCEA External examinations in November.


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