Level 3 Physics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr G. Burn

Recommended Prior Learning

At least 13 credits in Level 2 Physics

Physics is the study how things work at scales ranging from subatomic to cosmological and helps us understand why things in the natural world happen the way they do 

The level three course covers four main areas

  • Rotational and simple harmonic motion
  • Modern physics
  • Waves
  • DC and AC electricity 

Studying physics strengthens quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills that are valuable in areas beyond physics 

Course Overview

Term 1
Modern Physics including
• Photoelectric effect
• Nuclear reactions
• Atomic energy levels
Motion including
• Circular motion
• Gravity
• Conical pendulums
• Banking on curves

Term 2
Waves including
• Standing waves
• Interference pattern
• Doppler effect

Rotational Motion

Term 3
Simple harmonic motion

Electricity including
• DC circuits
• Capacitors
• Inductors

Term 4
AC electricity

Exam revision

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

Optional workbook -scipad L3 Physics bundle (internal and external) (cost approximately $26). This is highly recommended as it is a valuable resource to supplement classwork.
1 x 2B8 exercise book
20 pocket display book
1 x 14K8 (graph paper)
refill pad

Pathway Tags

Mining Engineer, Survey Technician, Aeronautical Engineer, Helicopter Pilot, Aeroplane Pilot, Geophysicist, Air Force Airman/Airwoman, Air Force Officer, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Geologist, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aircraft Refueller, Product Assembler, Software Developer, Architectural Technician, Medical Physicist, Sound Technician, Electronics Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Technician, Boat Builder, Naval Architect, Fabrication Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Building and Construction Manager, Line Mechanic, Surveyor, Urban/Regional Planner, Science Technician, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson, Miner/Quarry Worker, Telecommunications Engineer, Telecommunications Technician, Industrial Designer, Information Technology Helpdesk/Support Technician, Technical Writer, Medical Radiation Technologist, Electronics Trades Worker, Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer, Environmental Scientist, Electrician, Electrical Engineering Technician, Lift Technician, Energy and Chemical Plant Operator, Energy/Carbon Auditor, Engineering Machinist, Information Technology Architect, Environmental Engineer, Marine Engineer, Food Technologist, Train Driver, Ship's Master, Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Technician, Navy Officer, Project Manager, Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator, Network Administrator


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