Level 2 Technology - Food

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Weston

This course covers food safety and handling, knife skills, developing practical cookery skills, nutritional needs and health promotion. Students will participate in practical food preparation once or twice a week depending on the nature of the product. Students are expected to complete work outside of class time to achieve the course.

Course Overview

Term 1
Food safety and knife skills.

Term 2
Preparing and assembling salads. Cooking food items by grilling.

Term 3
Analyse food for people with specific food needs.

Term 4
Evaluate health promoting strategies.

Learning Areas:

Technology - food/fabric

Assessment Policy & Procedures
Career Pathways

Cook, Butcher, Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Kitchenhand, Chef, Dietitian, Baker, Trainer, Tertiary Lecturer, Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher, Nanny/Child Carer